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mil dj spotlight: february 2011
DJ Mell Star

DJ Mell Starr aka "The Most Dangerous" voice enters the space before he does and all at once, the audience knows what its in for. "Unlike rap acts that just walk from one side of the stage to the other in concert. I'm a total crowd entertainer. That means doing 110% every time I hit the satge. I want the people out of their seats, feeling the music. That's the only way to do it." This energy is what has earned Respect As The most relentless, most relied upon to rock a party, and emerged each time with a renewed sense of purpose From the Start. Mell Starr has studied a craft that had never before been given recognition or even considered a legitimate skill.

Yet Mell Starr Has Proven That The DJ Is The Soul & Heart & The back bone to all artist & Performers. For years Mell Starr had been able to tour in all parts of the country other artist were afraid to touch. Unafraid to try out new markets, anyone not into hip hop, R&B, classic's, House music, & Rock shows. This revolutionary talent began on the turntable which ultimately gained him the status of a Great Disc Jockey; however, Mell Starr is a multi-faceted talent using his craft to crete new trends in music that shatter the limitaions so often placed on artists. From his innovative style, to his second-to-none knack for choosing just the right crowd-pleasing sound.

Born Jamel Leugene Simpson Residing In Harlem, New York, Mell Starr was born creatively ambitious, scaling his family's old Technics Turntable stereo system as an attempt to scratch records before he was even Nine years old. Starr first inched hiw way onto the Dance scene with Family memebers & New Found Friends Such AS Tony Humphries, Tedd Paterson, Butch Williams, DJ Masia, Lil Louie Vega, Then Switching Venues To Work Street DJ's Such As Ron G, DJ Hollywood, DJ Chris Love, Kis Capri, Chuck Chillout, Biz-Markie, Q-Tip, Mell Starr has toured with Platinum artist such as Usher, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Wale, mario, N.e.r.d, Jada Kiss, Rhianna, Kanye West & Barack Obama! As for the future, Mell Starr is expanding on his formula success as being a top priority DJ, giving 110% more than any DJ has ever givin & create a better zone for up & coming DJ's. Mell Starr has far exceeded the expectations of his peers, critics and fans. His love for nurturing of his immense talents has enabled him to represent the music industry in general, with class and individuality and intensity unmatched in the music industry.

DJ Mell Starr aka "The Most Dangerous" also has a Ustream showed called The Cut Cafe. He DJ's Monday thru Friday from 10am-12pm, for a chat room full of fans and viewers. The online show is a great success. The show has been going strong since September 7th of 2010. He has expanded his extended family. He has numerous DJ's, male and female who are also on The Cut Cafe Team. Who of course have their own time slots and hours. And many more who are interested in joining the Team. DJ Mell Starr travels the world DJ'ing at many upscale parties, events and venues. He is, "The Most Dangerous"!


DJ Mell Star