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MIL interviews: april 2012
Sonny Digital

Ju Gatling sat down with Sonny Digital for this Exclusive interview,

MIL: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sonny: I'm Sonny Digital, a 20 yr old producer. I produced "Racks," "At the Same Damn Time" .. a lot of other hits .. I deal with a lot of artists.

MIL: How did you get the name Sonny Digital?

Sonny: My real first name is Sonny…Digital just came down the road, really…it used to be Delight, but we changed it. I was in a group way back when I was younger in high-school. When my buddies came up with Digital, we just ran with that.

MIL: What influenced you to become a producer?

Sonny: Actually, my older cousin. He came down from Michigan for a little bit, he was producing. I picked up from him and just ran with it and just kept on doing it. After that, that was it.

MIL: If you had to define your sound, what terms would you use?

Sonny: Everyone says I sound like the club but I don't know about that. I make so many different kinds of beats, that it's kind of hard to categorize exactly what sound I have.

MIL: Who are some of the producers that have inspired you…past or present?

Sonny: Shawty Redd, Drumma Boy, B. Rich, he's produced a lot and I came up with him personally. Hollywood J. It's a lot of cats, like a lot of underground ones that's real good but they just don't get the recognition they're supposed to be getting that I look up to.

MIL: How important is the vibe in the studio when youre working with an artist?

Sonny: I just recently found out that it's real important. When I was out in LA I was out there for 10 days and I was ready to go home. I couldn't vibe with nobody; it was like we were from two different ends of the country and weren't really seeing eye to eye. But after a day or so, I got into it and we grinded it out. That experience made me figure out that having that vibe is real important.

MIL: What equipment are you using when you're producing?

Sonny: Fruity Loops for PC and headphones.

MIL: What is the difference between a producer and a beat maker?

Sonny: Really, I don't like getting into that type of stuff because I don't think anyone can really choose to say who's a producer and who's a beat maker. If that's the case, everybody started off as a beat maker.

MIL: you basically feel like producers are more established?

Sonny: To me, they're all the same thing basically. Everybody is putting a sound together. There are some people who can do it better than others.

MIL: What have you accomplished so far in your career (projects, etc.)?

Sonny: I've worked with a lot of people in the industry: Roscoe Dash, I'm on his album. Future got an album coming out, I'm about to be on his album, Juicy J, I'm about to be on his album, Travis Porter, I've worked with them. Done stuff for 2 Chainz, been on Ace Hood's album. Did half of Gorilla Zoe's album. Did some new stuff with Soulja Boy. I got a whole lot of music coming. Like I just did some stuff with Jeezy, got some stuff with Wiz coming out.

MIL: So you're pretty busy! Do you have a favorite song you produced?

Sonny: It's weird because a lot of my favorite songs that I produce don't get really big, so if I told you one you probably wouldn't know what song it was. I did a song called "Stacks" by Mo Pain and Future. I like it, it's my personal favorite.

MIL: People think it's a producer's job to simply create the beat… but what else does it entail?

Sonny: You gotta do it all. You gotta tell someone exactly how you want it done. It's not just making beats, you actually gotta sit down and work with the artists and work all together.

MIL: What inspires you to create?

Sonny: Really, I feed off other people; other producers, other people around me. I get inspired that way.

MIL: Who or what continues to inspires you every day in the tough industry you're in?

Sonny: I do it for my family. I don't like to call them fans, the people who support me.

I don't like them to feel like I've let them down. I want people to be happy.

MIL: Do you adjust your production technique to suit each individual artists?

Sonny: if I request to get on with someone, then yeah, I'll switch it up, I'll adjust it to their liking but if they calling me, they've got to expect some Sonny Digital. You understand?

MIL: Can you give us an example?

Sonny: Ok, let's say if I call Dr.Dre or not called him, but tried to get in with him, I'll make sure I make some west coast type sh*t. But if he's calling me though, he'll know what I'm about to bring. He knows what he's looking for.

MIL: what are you thoughts on the music industry today?

Sonny: Me personally, I don't like it. I hate it Some folks don't treat nobody right. People who got a bigger voice like to tell people what they can and cannot do. When they say run they run, when they say jump they jump. People like me that's still coming up give them hard times. They'll say, 'Oh he ain't nothing, he still coming up,' they shuffle people, they don't really respect you until you up there up there.

MIL: What projects are you currently working on?

Sonny: The stuff with Juicy J, that's in the works right now. Doing some stuff with Future. Those are the two that are really sticking out right now. I got stuff with Jeezy and Gucci Man, too.

MIL: A lot of producers are not getting paid for the tracks they produce for artists. What are your thoughts on that?

Sonny: It depends on who the artist is and the label. That's all that is. I got a situation I'm in right now, that I didn't get paid for so it depends on how big it is and who it is. You know they got the money, sometimes you've got to settle and just take that L.

MIL: Can u tell our readers where they can find you online?

Sonny: @SonnyDigital on Twitter, Youtube: Sonny Digital.

MIL: Any last words?

Sonny: I appreciate all the love and I'm about to start rapping too. Actually I already started. Don't wanna speak too much on it…it should be moving like sometime this year. Yeah, that's about it.

MIL: We thank you so much, you have a blessed evening.

Sonny: I appreciate it!

Sonny Digital